Introducing Simpli Frozen Plantain and Yam fries

November 1st, 2017

The fresh frozen products of Sympli are made to make your busy life easier. In a few minutes you can prepare a traditional African meal in a modern way, with the same authentic taste and without any waste. Sympli produces typical African ingredients in an innovative way to save you time and energy, like: yam cubes, yam fries, unripe plantains and ripe plantains. These products are hand-picked at their peak cleaned, sliced and diced. They are then fresh frozen using quick freezing to guarantee the same freshness, flavour and nutrients as fresh products.

Sympli_dodopack_new.jpg Preview Sympli_yamcubespack_new.jpg Preview Sympli_pchipspack_new.jpg Preview Sympli_yamfriespack_new.jpg Preview

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