Cocoyam Fufu - Tropiway brand

Cocoyam Fufu - Tropiway brand

Cocoyam fufu is made from mashed cocoyam. It could also come in powdered or flour form.

Cocoyam is a short swollen underground corm (similar to a tuber) called colocasia esculanta. It is very much like potato, but of a harder consistency. It is much richer in starch too.

Nigeria produces the largest quantity of cocoyam worldwide (about half of total world production).

It is mainly grown in the tropics for food. The core or parenchyma of the corm is very rich in complex starch.

Cocoyam is very rich in dietary fibre, thus will help in preventing abdominal disorders like diverticulitis, constipation and poor bowel motility.

It is also very rich in vitamin B6 and magnesium. Vitamin B6 helps the body in properly metabolising glucose and preventing infections, while magnesium could protect our heart and prevent high blood pressure. Cocoyam can be eaten boiled as plain cocoyam, just like boiled potatoes, or roasted with scented red palm oil.

Cocoyam fufu is traditionally made from cocoyam by boiling the cocoyam after peeling off the covering, place it in a mortar and beat it smooth with a pestle and roll it into balls ready to be served with a delicious African food soup.

Available in: 24 x 680g

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