Malt beverage - Vitamalt Classic (bottle)

Malt beverage - Vitamalt Classic (bottle)

Where it’s all about dreams, Vitamalt is a non-alcoholic malt drink that supports you with energy, vitality and positivity - every step of the way towards your dreams. Whatever they may be... Becoming healthier and happier, finding the love of your life, getting great grades at school, or becoming employee of the month at work! Whether you’re with family and friends. Or just by yourself. Charge yourself with a mouthful of nourishing non-alcoholic Vitamalt. And start making your dreams real.

Vitamalt has a balance of carbohydrates for instant absorption and long lasting energy, and it is lightly carbonated for quenching thirst.

Vitamalt - for those wishing to experience a traditional rich and smooth malt taste.

Ingredient: Water, barley malt, sugar, carbon dioxide, caramel colour.

Available in: 24 x 33cl, 6 x 33cl

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